*ePay Announcement*

If your Case shows that it is Confirmed on our system,

you may be able to make your payment using our  

ePay online payment program.  

Click HERE for more information.

Please note: ePay payments cannot be substituted for a Wage Deduction Order. If your plan requires a Wage Deduction arrangement with your employer, you should not use the ePay payment program, as duplicate payments will result.

Office of The Chapter 13 Trustee - A. Kristin Hurst

  • The mission of this Office is to assist and maintain Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings as required by the U.S. Trustee, to include debtors, creditors, attorneys and the judiciary system. We are responsible for the effective and efficient management of all monies received throughout the duration of the bankruptcy, including accurate and timely repayment to creditors.We strive to provide dedicated and professional service to meet customer satisfaction in a dependable and consistent manner.